I am writing this letter hoping that you will never get to read it . If you are reading this, that means we have parted once again.
I am sorry for being the kind of woman who stands in the way. But I still sit here and wonder how you are doing. And cannot find an answer to my question. We are probably far away from each other again.
I am sorry …for running to you again knowing this could happen…Sorry for running into your arms with all my heart.
I am sorry that  I regret not holding your hands enough…and not hugging you enough.
I am sorry that I still love you.
I’ll be fine if you do not ever get to read these words. I just wish we could be together somewhere …anywhere.. in this world. So, what happened to us??  Did we get to meet ? or did we part again?

Categorized as Poems

By ThatMoleGirl

Girl with a hundred moles and a broken heart 💔

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