Hollow. Empty. Void.

The very first word that comes to mind when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back — hollow.

Falling in love with someone who is confused or unsure is probably one of the most damaging yet fulfilling things you can do. It’s setting yourself up for a heartbreak and a constant feeling of not being good enough, it’s confessing your feelings to someone and being given both hope and rejection in the same breath. It’s tears rolling down your cheek at the very thought of someone’s smile or the idea of their voice pronouncing your name. It’s waiting while not knowing what exactly you’re waiting for. It’s the voice inside your head and the echo in every heartbeat which tells you they will one day make up their mind, they will one day love you back in all of the ways you love them.

Our hearts oftentimes ignore or avoid things and feelings because they are too heavy. But there are these rare times when our hearts feel leaden — messy, honest, vulnerable, yet hopeful and strong. There are times when your heart forces you to believe that your days in the near future will be exactly how you pray for them to be before falling asleep every night. It takes you back to the day you first looked in their eyes — that smile stretching across their perfect face making you feel things you had only ever read about or watched in beautiful romances. And then there are days when you find yourself pushing and pulling with your emotions and have no solid ground to stand on.

They will undo your love. Let them. It’s okay. But remember, you can still leave the window of hope open, even if it’s a little bit, in case their love floats in with the breeze. One day it may change. They will either open their eyes to the realisation that you are just what they need or they won’t. So love them. Love them with every fibre of your being, but let the universe decide what is best for you. Believe that it will work out and it will.

Categorized as Poems

By ThatMoleGirl

Girl with a hundred moles and a broken heart 💔

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