The innocence of the hesitance in a love still waiting to bloom.

Fluttering heartbeats, subconscious senses, and a universe-given affirmation, I don’t think I’ve found anything this complete in its own incompleteness. Sometimes the sign we’re so desperately looking for, without which we won’t accept the tingling in the stomach or the twinkling in the eyes is right outside our window. But amidst all of this contemplation, you’re still waiting. Why would you wait for someone? Perhaps the reason is you love them. Perhaps the reason is you have faith. Perhaps you believe in the power of waiting.

I believe in loving someone from afar and still waiting. You’re allowed to love someone from afar — without speaking to them every single day — or speaking to them at all. Sometimes we fall in love with the wrong people. No, not that they are wrong for who they are as individuals, but at this very moment in time they are not in the place to love you back. It is not a character flaw to believe in the magic another human being holds within. And until that magic comes around, go back to the magic of realisation — falling in love.

The moment you realise you’re falling for someone is the most exciting and at the same time one of the most terrifying moments in your existence. To gracefully wait for the one to realise it takes a true heart. The elation, the butterflies, the anxiety, the nerves, the euphoria, and somehow you just know. It carries hope, the hope of new beginnings and the courage to risk our heart and yet somehow know it’ll be worth the risk. There is nothing quite like getting caught in the rain with the person carrying your heart in the pocket of their jeans. Give your heart the chance to fall in love and hope for it to fall over and over again with a little more flutter every time. Love in the moment before you can talk about eternity and I can promise you, love won’t fail you.

Categorized as Poems

By ThatMoleGirl

Girl with a hundred moles and a broken heart 💔

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